Who I am

Welkom bij Dollhouse Dionne. Leuk dat ik mij nu mag even voorstellen. Ik ben Dionne, moeder, gastouder en nu ook het gezicht achter Dollhouse Dionne. Poppenhuisspulletjes maken is een grote hobby van mij. Ik kan er mijn creativiteit in kwijt en vind hierdoor mijn ontspanning.

How did it start? November 2019 I went looking for a nice dollhouse for my daughter that I wanted to renovate myself. I came across a whole new miniature world. This world opened up new avenues and creative ventures for me. So I started with small things like wood, fabric, etc. But I really wanted more. After a year I bought a 3D printer and started drawing 3D models. Totally fantastic! With a little help from a dollhouse buddy, I was able to make this happen. Fortunately, there is enough inspiration around me to keep designing.

I am also open to new ideas. If you miss something of you have a great idea, please send me an email or leave a message on Instagram. There is a big change that your idea will be in my shop!